2019 Futures Conference Participation Overview

Here are a few important details you need to know before you decide how you wish to contribute:

  • Dates: October 24-25, 2019
  • Location: Belmont University College of Law, Nashville, TN
  • Conference Theme: In Tune With the Future
  • Conference Tagline: The Future is HERE
  • Deadline for Submissions: March 15, 2019


Others talk about what might be coming. Others try to drive change by ever-so-gently prodding lawyers to think differently. Others simply scare the incumbents in the hope that they all vaguely "change." Others present exciting new ideas, but fail to help incumbents get there from here. Our conference focus is to show the future in action. It's here! The incumbents don't have a vote on whether change is occurring. They DO have a vote on whether and how to adapt.

We'll showcase what some may deem to be cutting edge but for many is just routine. We'll tour innovations and practices and technologies and perspectives that overturn decades of thinking about how legal services are consumed, purchased, delivered, managed, priced, and rewarded.

We'll also showcase the immense breadth and depth of talent found in the Fellows of COLPM. Many Fellows have been leading change for a long time, so we'll hear what they're up to today and what's next.

We're excited to be in Nashville — "music city" — because it provides an excellent backdrop for demonstrating how to adapt to an evolving industry. We'll learn how incumbents and disruptors have made their way in a fast-changing industry and see innovations that are making music more accessible — for musicians making it, for consumers of music, and for the many contributors along the way.

We'll tie all of this together by embracing music in a variety of ways as we share our ideas. 

How Will You Participate?

Planning for our 2019 Futures Conference is well underway. We need you to start planning along with us, too! See, in Music City U.S.A. everyone's in a "band" or knows someone who is! We have to be "In Tune with the Future." And most of our songs will be fast (110 bpm+) so we need your creative juices flowing. We know the key (F for the Future, of course) but now we need some lyrics. Lyrics around not only the changes to the legal industry that are "here and now" but also those that all you talented people envision heading at us within the next three to five years (think "In the Year 2525"). So, help us out...for this session, your instrument is a pen! 

Call for Speakers

Artist Showcase. What's the new project or initiative you (or your fellow Fellow) is working on that's really unusual, creative, innovative, a possible gamechange, etc., for our industry? What projects, ideas, innovations, products, services, are you qualified to present? Pitch us an idea that demonstrates the future is here, and tell us how you can best convey these ideas. Our bias is to show practical application, ideas in action, ideas with impact, concisely, and briefly. We're not averse to panel discussions where appropriate, but the bulk of our programming will be comprised of short, impactful individual presentations. With your submission, provide your "walk up" song to connect our music city theme with your innovation. An obvious (but off-limits) example is David Bowie's "Changes." All genres of music are welcome. Note: All chosen speakers will be asked to commit to participating in a blog post, podcast, or video in advance or after the conference.

Before you can complete the online 2019 Call for Participation submission form, you will need the following information: 

  1. A description of the topic and presenter's focus (125 word limit); 
  2. Identification of 3 to 5 learning objectives for the proposed session; 
  3. A short personal bio for each proposed presenter (125 word limit per presenter);
  4. Complete contact information (Name, Title, Organization, Mailing Address, Phone, Email, LinkedIn Address & Twitter Handle) for each presenter;
  5. Title and artist for your "walk-up" song.
  6. Recent hi-res, color headshot photos of each proposed presenter. 

There is a field in the form for you to enter the data requested in items 1-4 above. If you can complete everything in one sitting, you can use this field. Because the form cannot be saved and completed in stages, there is also an option provided so you can upload a Word file that you've prepared off-line that provides the required information in items 1-4. (Because we will need to use and edit the information in multiple applications, we request that PDFs not be submitted.)

Incomplete proposals will not be considered. This includes not only the required elements regarding the proposed session, but also complete contact information, bios and photos for all proposed presenters. The proposal and the photos must be submitted as one transaction.  

Call for Ideas 

Writer's Block. Maybe you don't have anything in the works, but have interesting ideas that you'd like to hear more about to inspire you (think being a law firm investor, for example). What innovations have you witnessed? What has dazzled you? What's changing the game in the delivery of legal services? Everyone is welcome to submit topic ideas that will be the basis for our educational programming. You don't have to be an expert in innovation, or a presenter. All that's required is your observations. Help shape what we showcase and what we discuss by offering your ideas of "the future is here" innovations. 

Call for Fellows Updates

The COLPM Futures Conference is often considered the highest level cross-functional gathering of industry thought leaders that takes place every year, but it's nearly impossible to network with everyone. So this year we're asking Fellows to tell us what they're up to. Some are on the bleeding edge of disruption, some are working tirelessly to transform a slow-moving market from within, some are comfortably retired. But all have something to offer. Let us know briefly what you're working on. We'll be in touch later in the year to gather more information.

Musical Talents

Seriously! What musical talents would you agree to share with the group? Or, do you know other Fellows who might share? If so, provide their names so we can contact them. All genres welcome.


Login Credentials Needed

To complete the proposal/submission form, you'll be prompted for your login credentials. If you do not yet have login credentials, you'll be prompted to create them. Doing so is necessary to identify you as the proposal's submitter. This will also be a timesaver for you when you visit the site in the future to, for example, register for the Futures Conference. Once you're logged in, you'll have the ability to establish your email preferences for future communications from the College.