2018 Recommended Supplemental Reading

The War Against Data Breaches


  • Ivan Hemmans; O'Melveny & Myers, LLP
  • William Kyrouz; Ropes & Gray
  • Sharon Nelson; Sensei Enterprises, Inc.
  • Timothy Russell; FBI Boston Division

Preparing for Your Data Breach—Yes, It's Coming


  • Dave Ries; Clark Hill PLC
  • John Simek; Sensei Enterprises, Inc.
  • John Hellerman; Hellerman Communications LLC
  • Dave Wong; Mandiant, a Division of FireEye

Breakfast Session: The Intersection of Cybersecurity and Ethics


  • Andy Perlman, Suffolk University Law School

Security as a Team Sport: Collaboration—An Essential Tool and a Security Hole


  • Dennis Kennedy; Dennis Kennedy Advisory Services LLC
  • Tom Mighell; Contoural, Inc.
  • John Mitchell (moderator); KM Advisors LLC

Security Audits and Compliance: Using Them to Make Marketing Magic


  • Jim Durham; Clark Hill PLC
  • Audrey Katcher; RubinBrown, LLP
  • Jody Westby; Global Cyber Risk LLC

Breakout Sessions

  • Cyberinsurance: Necessary, Expensive and Confusing as Heck (facilitator: Dan Pinnington)
  • Keeping Your Confidential Data Safe at Home and Abroad: Technology and Policies (facilitator Ivan Hemmans)
  • How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Cybersecurity: Now and in the Future (facilitator: Mark Greene)
  • Crafting a Post-Breach Communications Playbook (facilitator: John Hellerman)
    Cybersecurity: Getting Buy-in from Management (facilitator: Tom Grella)
  • Walking a Cybersecurity Tightrope: Balancing Risk, Reward, Safety, Expense, Convenience and Reputation (facilitator: Marc Lauritsen)
  • Your Greatest Asset is Your Greatest Danger: The Elements of Cybersecurity Training for Your Employees (facilitator: Debbie Foster)

Cybersecurity from the General Counsel's Foxhole


  • E. Leigh Dance; ELD International LLC
  • Alexia Maas; Volvo Financial Services
  • Mark Rosenthal; The Boston Consulting Group